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Our Story

What is Thrive? 

My Story

The problem

Of course this isn't the entire story, just the parts that are relevant to the launching of THRIVE.  In fact, it's not really MY story. More accurately it's OUR story.  The story of how after 6 years of swimming upstream, I had grown ever more frustrated by a broken model of healthcare and the patients that are left to deal with it.  I've seen medical providers make healthcare decisions for their patients based on what their insurance covered, rather than what may be best for the patient.  I've seen doctor's supposedly "diagnosing" patients without ever touching them or moving them around, choosing instead to take unnecessary X-rays or MRIs. I've seen patients getting bounced around between different medical specialties without anyone ever taking the time to educate them on their conditions and their options.

However,  I've also seen that patients are growing smarter and getting more involved in their healthcare, often times choosing to self treat rather than go to a doctor that they know will only tell them to quit running or quit working out.  Patients are tired of being seen as merely nameless stats and dollar signs, and that's a good thing!   It's a justified frustration, shared by an increasingly more educated patient base  that has been pushed passed the tipping point. 

As I admitted earlier, I've been on the front lines at one of these mega,box clinics.  Although I never gave in, I've been pressured by corporate to follow scripted care plans, to limit my time with patients, to bill more, and to see patients more often than I felt was necessary. I've willingly chosen my principles over a fatter paycheck. 

As much it frustrated me, I eventually grew to realize that if the patient was EVER expected to be the most important part of the equation, that I would have to build a model from the ground up that reflected that principle.  A model that proves that there are still medical providers that are dedicated to being masters of their craft, because that's what patients expect and what they deserve.  

 There's a better way. There is a solution. 

The Solution....the THRIVE WAY:

Make the PATIENT the most important factor, NOT the patients INSURANCE PLAN! 

One of the THRIVE advantages, is our rejection of the insurance model, allowing us to provide previously uncovered services while spending MUCH more time with you, the patient.  This allows us to provide a higher quality of care, while in most cases, also saving patients money.  We do this by remaining dedicated to a lean, nimble business model to keep overhead low, and therefore removing any need to unethically over bill or over treat.  

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Meet the Doctor


Ryan Davis, DC

Commitment to Education

As non-surgical musculoskeletal treatment continues to evolve, the successful physician will be one that is able to stay current with the latest research. As both a chiropractic physician and a student of this discipline, I will resist complacency and relentlessly pursue quality continuing education. I believe that my success as a physician relies on my ability to use the knowledge I have to educate my patients and empower them with the tools they need to be active in their own treatment.

 ~Dr. Ryan Davis, DC, SFMA, TPI-MP2, DNS       

Graduate: Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida; Port Orange, FL; September 2010,Doctor of Chiropractic         

Auburn University; Auburn, AL; May 2006, Bachelor of Science in Geology 


Titleist Performance Institute Certified Medical Professional (TPI-MP2) with Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), March 2012

McKenzie Diagnosis and Therapy Credentialing- Part A, Lumbar Spine - March 2011 

Graston Technique- M1 training completed – June 2010


 Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization- DNS course A

Stuart McGill- Building the Ultimate Back

Jason Glass- Golf Fitness Mentorship 

Charlie Weingroff, PT-  Training=Rehab 2

Active Release Technique (ART) 

  • Spine – November 2009
  • Upper Extremity – March 2010

ImPACT Concussion Training with Micky Collins, PhD- August 2011

Harvard Medical School, continuing education- Sports Medicine 2010 Advances in MRI and Orthopedic Management, May 2010

Dr. Craig Liebenson- Functional Capacity Evaluation and Athletic Performance- January 2010

Dr. Donald R. Murphy D.C., DACAN seminars- “Evidence Based Approach”

Official Team Chiropractic Physician

January 2011 – September 2013

  • Alabama Hammers Football, SPIF
  • Tennessee Valley Vipers Football, AF2
  • Huntsville Havoc Hockey, SPHL
  • Alabama A&M Football Team 
  • Bob Jones High School

Chiropractic Consultant

Huntsville Stars (AA Milwaukee Brewers) 2012



In addition to treating patients at Thrive, Dr. Davis is also the founder and CEO of WODMedic, a company dedicated to educating functional fitness coaches on the art and science of movement assessment and improvement.