Thrive Chiropractic and Sports Recovery in Montgomery, AL
Movement based medicine for the Montgomery area!


Perform. Recover. Repeat.

Perform. Recover. Repeat.  That's the recipe to staying fit and healthy.  At Thrive we focus on 3 areas of practice designed to help you perform better, recover faster, and heal injuries so that you can get back out there and repeat. 

3 Areas of Practice

I. Perform.

To get you performing at the top of your potential we offer sport specific movement and mobility assessments such as the Titleist Performance Institute assessment for golfers, and the WODMedic Movement and Mobility Assessment for fitness athletes. We then use the results of the assessment to prescribe custom mobility or stability exercises to boost your performance. 

II. Recover.

Our Performance Recovery Therapy (PRT) sessions are absolute game changers for fitness athletes, runners, or triathletes.  It's true that you can only train as hard as you recover, and not thanks to PRT you will be able to recover hard! Learn more about our medical grade recovery options by clicking below. 

III. Repeat.

Injury can get in the way of your ability to continue to train or function at the level you desire.  Don't let injury slow you down or keep you from the activities you enjoy.  We offer high quality one on one treatment utilizing cutting edge Chiropractic care, Functional Rehabilitation, and Manual Therapy.