Thrive Chiropractic and Sports Recovery in Montgomery, AL
Movement based medicine for the Montgomery area!
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Movement quality is the foundation upon which ALL future athleticism will be built.  We engineer and build solid foundations. 


Engineering youth athletes: 

1.Full Body, Sport specific movement assessment

Depending on the athletes specific sport or sports of interest, a custom assessment will be administered.  The assessment is designed to identify all of the functional weak links that could limit the athletes' potential, and prioritizes them accordingly. 

2. Monthly movement/mobility sessions

Once a month the athlete will be reassessed for progress, and will undergo an hour session designed to improve their movement and athletic foundation. 

3. Custom programming to maximize future athleticism

Each month the athlete will receive updated programming based on their functional weak links, and the progress that they have made.  Programming is goal based, and will be established during the initial interview and assessment. 


$99/mo for 6 months of programming & recovery services




Reach out to us about partnering with your Team Sports program as your Official Team Chiropractor for additional services, at a discount!